LinqPad 5 Nuget - Unable to connect to the remote server

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Searching works fine but I am getting the following where when I click "Add to Query"

Error downloading 'log4net' - Unable to connect to the remote server

I've tried several different packages and they all fail the same way.

Nuget works fine in LinqPad 4 and Visual Studio 2013. Anyone else run across this problem?


  • Not exactly the same, but I started getting '404 Not Found' errors when attempting to update any Nuget package. This turned out to be my own fault as I had added a second Package source which was no longer working. (Even though this source was lower priority that the official source, it stopped all updates from working)
  • I do have a second package source. That package source works fine in VS2013 but appears to break LinqPad 5. Probably some issue with Nuget V3 ?
  • Is your Internet connection via a proxy?
  • No proxy involved. The second repo is on site, I have a few custom packages in it.
  • Just posting in case this information helps anyone.

    I had a similar problem, in that I had a package source which was no longer working, that prevented me from downloading/updating any packages from the official source. Unticking the bad source resolved the problem for me. The error I was getting was:

    Error downloading 'PackageNameHere' - The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

    My internet connection is via a proxy, which LINQPad auto detects. (Although the bad package source was on the LAN.)
  • I disabled the other repo and it is working fine now.
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