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Hi - I'm running LinqPad Pro on Win7 in a VM on Parallels on Mac OS X Lion. I realize it's a edge case, but in "Coherence Mode" where Parallels hides the desktop and shows Windows windows amongst Mac OS windows, there are some redrawing issues. The two issues I've experienced are autocomplete windows leaving shadows behind that cannot be cleared away and results in a grid cause the entire app to flicker and disappear.

Love this app. Clearly a work of passion. Thank you.


  • Is there any way a program can detect whether it's running in that environment? If so, I can "dumb down" the rendering which might avoid those problems.
  • Perhaps the simplest way would be to look for a process named coherence.exe. This is the process that coordinates with the Mac OS window manager to give the appearance of windows applications running natively. Parallels also runs prl_cc.exe, if you want to take a belt-and-suspenders approach. Thanks for considering this.
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    I'm also experiencing a very similar issue with Windows 8 Pro on Parallels 8 on OSX 10.8.3. It has made LinqPad entirely unusable in coherence.
  • I too am having the same issue, I used to run Windows 7 Ultimate and now upgraded to Win 8 and both virtual machines exhibit same issue running linqpad when Parallels is in Coherence mode. Perhaps in the next release would you consider adding at minimal a preferences option to "dumb down" the rendering as mentioned. Would definitely help us poor souls running in a virtual coherence environment. Or if it's easier auto detect the parallels signature such as jkdufair mentioned. Either would rock! Thank you for your consideration and efforts. Awesome product!
  • Hello @JoeAlbahari! I'm wondering if you've had any chance to look into this issue at all :smile:

    Seems to still be happening with the newest version of LINQPad 5, newest version of Win 10 running on the newest version of Parallels on the newest version of macOS Mojave (just rebuilt my whole VM)

    Thank you!
  • Thanks for posting - I'll try and look at this later this month.

    I don't know whether it will help, but LINQPad 6 for .NET Core 3 has just been released: https://www.linqpad.net/LINQPad6.aspx

    I anticipate it will have the same issue as LINQPad 5, but it might be worth checking if you can, just in case MS have updated anything in the WinForms / WPF stack of late.
  • Thank you @JoeAlbahari. The grid redraw issue remains with LP6. I don't have a license for LP6 so I can't seem to trigger the autocomplete redraw issue. I hope that's helpful. Glad to help troubleshoot, debug as needed when you get a chance to looking at this. Thank you!
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