Automatically expand all "Show Graphs" for sql queries?

I absolutely love the Show Graph functionality for columns in query results.

I am doing some sql pivot table stuff, and ending up with 60+ columns. I would really love the functionality to auto-expand the graphs for all columns in results, rather than having to click the Show Graph button 60+ times. Basically, something similar to the ability to press Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3 for Dump() results in c# to expand/collapse objects.

Does this already exist and I'm missing it?



  • The new beta has an option to toggle all graph columns:

    Click the right-arrow on the table header and a menu will appear with that option.
  • Thanks!

    Except..... it appears there is no extenser in the table headers when using "Antiquated SQL" (which I am).
  • Good point.

    This is now fixed in 5.07.02
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    I just decided to upgrade my paid LInqPad 4 to Linqpad 5. Even better, I convinced my boss we need a 10-user license. Your responsiveness led directly to this upgrade/purchase.
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