Using LINQPad in a C# app

I see there's a NuGet package for LINQPad, but how does one use it? What is the intent? Are there examples of what we can do with it, and how?

What I'd like to do is write some code in LINQPad, that eventually will get moved to a C$/VisualStudio app, however it wouldn't necessarily recognize the database context, right? How do I get code that works beautifully from within LINQPad into a fully working, and distributable application?


  • The purpose of the LINQPad nuget package is to use Util.CreateXHtmlWriter to leverage LINQPad's Dump functionality from outside LINQPad.

    To create a distributable app from a LINQPad query is not possible right now. The best you can do is to use lprun.exe (which ships with LINQPad) to run the query from the command-line.
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