Unlimited transfer of activations.

I am using LINQPad a lot these days to troubleshoot customer specific code on site. For this purpose I need to activate LINQPad to be able use the debugging features. When I am done, I always deactivate the software, so the softeware is only activated for a short period of time. But alas the number of transfers are limited with my Premium account, so I am running out of activations.
How can I get the ability to use unlimited number of transfer of activations? Moreover when is the number of transfers per year updated?

Thank you for this excellent product! I can't live without it anymore.


  • Have you looked at the Enterprise license option? It might not exactly fit your scenario but it does allow for unlimited activations for a single company at up to 10 sites. You can also add additional sites by stacking multiple licenses.

    Have you also considered discussing with yours customers the benefits to them of a purchased license?

    Just some thoughts - I hope they help.

  • @Goyuix Thnx. :smile:

    I looked at the Enterprise license, but I don't think that it fits. The activation is just needed for a short period of time, but at numerous sites.

    The Premium license could indeed be satisfactory when the client pays for it. But I was curious whether a license with unlimited number of transfers was a possibility.
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