Dumping in different panel

Is there a way to use dump() in a new panel?


  • There's nothing obvious in the Dump API suggesting you can redirect it to another panel, but this query may give you alternate ideas:
    Util.SqlOutputWriter.WriteLine("Just testing...")
    Dim out2 = (New TextBox).Dump
    out2.Text = PanelManager.GetOutputPanels().Dump()(0).Heading
  • You could write an extension method in the 'My Extensions' query like this:
    public static T DumpX<T> (this T toDump, string panelName)
        System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser browser;
        TextWriter formatter;
        var panel = PanelManager.GetOutputPanel (panelName);
        bool first = panel == null;
        if (first)
            panel = PanelManager.DisplayControl (browser = new System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser(), panelName);
            formatter = Util.CreateXhtmlWriter (true);
            browser.Tag = formatter;
            bool init = true;
            browser.DocumentCompleted += (sender, args) =>
                if (init) browser.DocumentText = formatter.ToString();
                init = false;
            browser = (System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser)(panel.GetControl());
            formatter = (TextWriter)browser.Tag;
        formatter.WriteLine (toDump);
        if (first || browser.ReadyState == System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserReadyState.Complete)
            browser.DocumentText = formatter.ToString();
        return toDump;
    This will give basic Dump functionality, although without some features such as headings, DumpContainers, observables, etc.
  • Thanks to both of you!
  • Would you please add an example for dumping an observable? I can't get it without flicker...
  • I also wrote this, which works fine in a simple example but when using it with some async code, the new panel doesn't even appear :(

    [NLog.Targets.Target("LinqPadPanelTarget")] class LinqPadPanelTarget : NLog.Targets.TargetWithLayout { public string PanelName { get; set; } = "Logging"; protected override void Write(NLog.LogEventInfo log) { string line = Layout.Render(log); line.DumpToPanel(PanelName); } }

    static void RedirectNLogToLoggingPanel(NLog.LogLevel minLevel = null, string panelName = null) { var config = NLog.LogManager.Configuration; if (config == null) config = NLog.LogManager.Configuration = new NLog.Config.LoggingConfiguration(); var target = new LinqPadPanelTarget(); if(panelName != null) target.PanelName = panelName; NLog.LogManager.Configuration.AddTarget("linqpad", target); NLog.LogManager.Configuration.AddRule(minLevel ?? NLog.LogLevel.Trace, NLog.LogLevel.Fatal, "linqpad"); NLog.LogManager.ReconfigExistingLoggers(); }
  • Repro:

    RedirectNLogToLoggingPanel(); Task.WaitAll(Task.Delay(100000000));
  • Use await Task.Delay instead of Task.WaitAll (the latter is blocking).
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