Disable automatic updates

Please provide a way to disable automatic updates in the LINQPad.exe.config file.

I just ran LINQPad as normal and - for no apparent reason - got a strange error I hadn't seen before [see http://forum.linqpad.net/discussion/1095/cs0246-the-type-or-namespace-name-this-could-not-be-found-press-f4-to-check-imported-namespaces/]. It turns out that LINQPad had automatically updated itself. Not only did it not tell me, let alone give me a chance to cancel this, but it was a breaking change. As a software developer myself, I do not understand how any developer can think that this is an OK thing to do to a user. LINQPad (and other software) should really never update itself without the user's consent, but at minimum there should be a way to disable this behaviour if it's on by default.

I found -noupdate and -noforward after some googling, but we have LINQPad.exe checked into source control and it only takes one developer to not use these flags and check in the updated version for it to go back to broken for everyone, so this is not enough. There needs to be a way to disable it that persists and is shared by all developers.


  • Also, to see what's new in the latest version I had to
    1) Google "linqpad change log";
    2) Actually get the new version.

    A user should be able to see this before they upgrade. Could you provide the "What's New" page on the website, please, linked from the download page and/or the homepage?
  • I am a developer and a user and I really like (from both perspectives) the auto update feature of LINQPad. It is painless and effortless and doesn't bug me with annoying "New update available!" popups.

    Also, in general, a lot of support questions can be omitted this way because users are automatically up to date with their version.

    Are you sure the linked issue is related to the automatic update feature of LINQPad?
  • Yes, I am. When I run the old version (with -noupdate -noforward) it still works.
  • Looks like this support was added in today's v5.10.00 update
    You can now defer automatic updates in Edit | Preferences.
    It appears to be a setting for how many days to defer automatic updates, manifested in a LocalAppData\LINQPad file of DisableAutoUpdatesUntil.txt with the ISO8601 date of when it will resume automatic updates.
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