Anyone successfully add a connection to Microsoft Dynamics AX (7)?

I am not sure that Dynamics AX exposed OData endpoints include the required ...\svc endpoint. All I can find are the endpoints they talk about, including the data entity endpoint: ...\data. However, the resulting description looks like:
<img src="null" /><ODataServiceDocument xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<Title i:nil="true"/>
<Title i:nil="true"/>
The header indicates "ODataServiceDocument" not "ODataService". It appears to try to process the file, but then I get the error:
https://.../data (Error: Exception - Cannot compile typed context: Unexpected error writing metadata to file 'c:\Users\rsonntag\AppData\Local\Temp\LINQPad5\_dodgbqgi\TypedDataContext_cqzmqc.dll' -- 'No logical space left to create more user strings.' (line 0))

Since AX OData is a LARGE result, I have no idea if LINQPad is just simply running out of memory, or, what?

I also tested using the OData 3 driver and it just has a 'Relationship missing' error so I figured AX was OData 4.


  • what is the fix you did for this error "No logical space left to create more user strings." i am also facing same, while consuming odata entity from .net client
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