Using LINQPad with a screen reader

Hi, I am new here. I would like to learn c# and use LINQPad as my editor. My eyes are destroyed so I am using a screen reading software to use computers. A screen reading software is a program that speaks textual items on the screen but not images or pictures.

I have successfully installed LINQPad5 and most of it's menus and widgets are very accessible (as far as I know I can read everything), except for one.

To read texts, I use arrow keys from the keyboard (left-right to read by character, up-down to read by line).

I chose "c# program" in the language menu and I land on the text editor. Now, using the arrow keys, I can't read anything in the editor. When I type some text like:

string x = "";

My screen reader doesn't read it.

To make sure I am typing on the correct part of LINQPad, I did ctrl+a to select all texts in the editor. And what I got is something like:

void Main()
string x = "";

// Define other methods and classes here

so I think I have used LINQPad correctly at this point. But I can't start programming because I can't use the arrow keys to navigate through the code I am writing. My screen reader doesn't read the text in the editor unless I select all the texts. I have tried testing it on screen readers
and both did not read the code through the arrow keys.

What should I do?


  • I'm guessing the ActiPro editor which LINQPad uses is not compatible with those screen readers. It would be good if there was a simple workaround, but I suspect it won't be easy to fix.
  • Is there another editor that is similar to linqpad that is accessible?
  • You could try an early version of LINQPad which uses a textbox as an editor:

    This runs on Framework 3.5 and supports C# 3. Ensure you run it via the shortcut (which calls LINQPad with the -noupdate and -noforward switches), otherwise LINQPad will patch itself to the latest version.

    Alternatively, Visual Studio Code might be an option for a lightweight editor and it supports the latest version of C#, but I don't know how it fares with screen readers.
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