Move line up down, needs a feature request?

Can I have a keybinding to move a line up and down if one doesn't exist? I'm so very used to just hitting alt-up or alt-down in visual studio to move line ordering. Or does this need a feature request?


  • I second that. I also tried to move lines a couple times that way already
  • Alt+Up and Alt+Down currently scrolls results up/down, so it would need to be on a different keybinding. What would you suggest? Also, I'm not sure how amenable the syntax editor that LINQPad uses would be to this feature. It needs to also work with a highlighted selection, right?
  • well, I'm not sure why if I've turned on Editor -> Use Visual Studio shortcut keys that Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down wouldn't be the scroll up/down like in Visual Studio. It would be nice to work with multiple lines selected yes. The other one I would bet is fairly standard across some editors (Sublime etc..) would be Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down.
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