Unable to use await in a 'C# Statements' query anymore

I just recently took an update to LINQPad (version 5.09.07), and now none of my scripts work. They are all failing with "CS4033 The 'await' operaton can only be used within an async method. Consider marking this method with the 'async' modifier and changing its return type to 'Task'."

Now this used to work, but I can't seem to figure out if it was hidden behind some other setting as part of the update. Is the only way for me to do async stuff to use 'C# Program' and manually change it to a task?


  • Thanks for the heads-up - this has now been fixed and an auto-update will take effect immediately.
  • *phew* I thought this was a change on purpose, maybe because it was breaking some other functionality. Glad to see it's fixed!
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