nuget manager broken in 5.10?

edited October 2016
Anyone else having trouble with nuget manager in 5.10 on Windows 10 Annyversary update? All I get is an empty window:

The same with the latest beta.

At some point with the stable release it filled in with packages but I could not search, click on packages, anything.

Any workarounds? Way to download previous versions?

I've now tried it on a win2012r2 server and there it works fine. I don't have another win10 computer available at the moment to see if it is just one machine or the os in general.


  • Hmm, not sure what to think, it now started working on this computer as well. Might've been a nuget feed error.
  • Hehe, I think I've got it now and it's really weird. I have two graphic cards enabled - internal IGP - Intel HD 4600 and Nvidia GT 610. If I have linqpad open on the monitor run by intel IGP the nuget window doesn't load, if it is on nvidia run monitor it loads. Really weird.
  • I have the exact same problem with my Linqpad. Works fine when my XPS 15 is plugged into a dock with monitors. But when I try to access the nuget window with no external monitor I just get a white screen.
  • I seem to have resolved my problem on my machine by going into device manager and checking for the latest driver updates for both my video cards. (Intel HD Graphics 530 & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M). A newer driver was found on windows update for both. After the installation I successfully was able to get the NuGet window to open on any of my screens.
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