Mismatch dll reference between autocompletion and executing

I made my library and debugging using LINQPad.

I added a new method into my library(dll).
I wrote new LINQPad script and added reference to my new library(dll).
I saw the added method on the method autocomplete and there are no error in LINQPad editor.

Then, I ran the script, however, MissingMethodException was occurred.
The exception said that my added method could not found.

The root cause of this error is, the older version of my dll is placed in the LINQPad folder.
LINQPad editor see the reference setting, but LINQPad executer saw LINQPad folder prior to reference setting.

I spend one hour time to resolve this problem because no error in the editor.


  • Can LINQPad improve this behavior?
  • Yes, I'll look into it. Intellisense should also use the version in the LINQPad folder (and warn you about the double.)
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