is there a way to get N datagrids exported as N sheets in a single spreadsheet?

Currently I have a script which does about a dozen queries and .Dump()s each of them such that I end up with about a dozen data grids in the output pane.

To create a spreadsheet of each of those, AFAICT I currently have to export each as Excel or CSV an then create a spreadsheet that combines each of them. I could certainly use excel interop and programmatically create one, but that'd be a pretty decent chunk of work to do so AFAICT.

Since it seems like LINQPad has all the heavy lifting logic already in place, I wondered if there was a simple extension I could write that would leverage that and create a single spreadsheet with N sheets inside of it?

I can Util.WriteCsv each of them

If not, Joe, please consider this a polite feature request. :)


  • ugh, forgot I can't edit posts after making them. In any case, the "I can Util.WriteCsv each of them" was meant to say that they're different sets of columns so I can't just dump them to N csv files without headers (or removing the header rows/lines) and then combine them.
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