Solved: LinqPad 5 with SQL Server Always Encrypted

edited January 2017
In case anybody else is considering using the Always Encrypted feature of SQL Server, and Azure SQL Database, 2012 - and using the "KeyVault" solution for managing the Column Master Key(s): here's how to make it work in LinqPad 5:
  • be sure that you have .Net 4.6.2 installed on your machine
  • Edit the LinqPad config files (LINQPad.exe.config and LPRun.exe.config)
    • <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true"> <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.6.2" /> <!-- version is probably 4.6 by default --> </startup>
    • 4.6.2 is required in order to have all driver supported features actually work.
  • Set up AE on your database and stash your keys in a key vault (see here)
In LinqPad
  • In your connection propertied, click "Advanced..." and add this to the "Additional connection string parameters": "Column Encryption Setting=Enabled" (this is the flag to enable AE in the SqlServer driver)
  • Go to the "My Extensions" code block and add the following to the static MyExtensions class:

    public static class MyExtensions { private static ClientCredential _clientCredential; private static bool initialized = false; public static void InitializeAzureKeyVaultProvider() { if(initialized) return; _clientCredential = new ClientCredential( "YOUR CLIENT ID", "YOUR SECRET KEY"); SqlColumnEncryptionAzureKeyVaultProvider azureKeyVaultProvider = new SqlColumnEncryptionAzureKeyVaultProvider(GetToken); Dictionary<string, SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider> providers = new Dictionary<string, SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider>(); providers.Add(SqlColumnEncryptionAzureKeyVaultProvider.ProviderName, azureKeyVaultProvider); SqlConnection.RegisterColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProviders(providers); initialized = true; } public async static Task<string> GetToken(string authority, string resource, string scope) { var authContext = new AuthenticationContext(authority); AuthenticationResult result = await authContext.AcquireTokenAsync(resource, _clientCredential); if (result == null) throw new InvalidOperationException("Failed to obtain the access token"); return result.AccessToken; } }
  • Add references via F4
    • from NuGet: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.AlwaysEncrypted.AzureKeyVaultProvider
    • from NuGet: Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory
    • Additional References: System.Threading.dll
    • Additional References: System.Threading.Tasks.dll
  • Run InitializeAzureKeyVaultProvider() either from a code editor or via the "My Extensions" main
  • Query as if nothing were ever encrypted secure in the knowledge that your data is stored and transferred in cyphertext and is decrypted only once it's within the driver
I think that the LinqPad team could make this cleaner with better integration - but this works and it's making me very happy.

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