Linq query not returning the generated SQL results in entity framework object context connection

edited January 2017
I am using Entity Framework ObjectContext connection with sql server provider to write the Linq to object query.

My LINQ queries are running and are getting displayed in results panel but the SQL results always remains empty.
LINQ query is not returning generated SQL results.

It's LinqPad v4.57.02 (Pro Edition)



  • This should be fixed in LINQPad 5 - can you try running it in LINQPad 5 and confirming?
  • Thanks, It's working in LINQPad 5.
  • Though It's working in LINQPad 5 but we have got a License for LINQPad 4, So I would appreciate If fix can be available for LINQPad 4 as well.
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