Int16 column is not displayed with SQLite

edited January 2017
I'm using latest LINQPad 4/5 and "IQ Driver - for MySQL, SQLite, Oracle" to query DB of SQLite.

When I right click on table and select ".Take()" or whatever, the result doesn't contain columns of Int16 type.

I checked the SQL of result pane but the SELECT line doesn't contain those columns. If I add that hidden column on SELECT line and run the SQL, it shows the column correctly. Therefore it looks generating SQL ignores Int16 type column somehow.

How can I resolve this?


  • According to schema, the column was created as 'smallint' type. In SQLite, it is treated as 'Integer' type (I checked by 'typeof'). Of course other Integer columns have no problem. Thus I guess this is a issue of IQ Driver's dynamic data context driver.

    But I couldn't find the open source project of it, maybe I have to ask Joe?
  • I've just uploaded a fix. The driver now supports all the integer types listed in

    Download the IQ driver again and let me know.
  • Thank you very much Joe, It looks perfectly working now!
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