Can't get folder dialog pop up.

I'm using v5.20.01(AnyCPU)

void Main() { using (var fbd = new FolderBrowserDialog()) { DialogResult result = fbd.ShowDialog(); } }

Running the above (as a c# program) just hangs on `ShowDialog`. I found THIS on SO, but that was a year ago and messing with that setting doesn't change what I'm seeing at all.


  • edited January 2017
    I had to change Preferences -> Advanced -> Execution -> Run Queries in MTA Threads to false (the default) to get it working.
    (Adding [STAThreadAttribute] to the Main method made no difference.)
  • Mine is currently on false, so I guess that's not it on its own..
  • When this happens, try pressing Alt+Tab. Can you see the dialog in the list of windows and then switch to it?
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