TypedDataContext stored proc definitions of MSSQL master database - no parameters?

edited February 2017
In the connection manager... I see that the proc definitions for procs in databases other than MSSQL master have the parameter definitions. Only parameterless definitions are shown for master database. And no surprise... the datacontext in any code using a connection to the master database then knows nothing about the parameters.

My scenario... I am using some of the procs that come with Brent Ozar's First responder Kit. (https://www.BrentOzar.com/first-aid/). The procs will typically end up getting added to the master database. The procs produce excellent output when run without parameters. But if one wishes to filter down or zero in on something, the parameters are needed. No joy in Mudville... I have to write SqlClient code instead of the handy data context method that has admittedly spoiled me.

Intended? Oversight? Perhaps the pattern I believe I see can be reasonably explained?


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