Running Linqpad on Ubuntu?

Hi all,

I love Linqpad, but I've moved from a Windows workstation to Ubuntu. I'm trying to see if running Linqpad is possible.

I've just installed Mono, I ran Linqpad and got a missing assembly problem (PresentationCore), and I am trying to work through the current state of Mono's WPF support ... but I figure someone here might already know if I can run Linqpad on Ubuntu or not.

Thanks in advance!


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    Based on the Mono Project website WPF isn't supported and is unlikely to be supported in the future. It appears to me that LinqPad makes heavy use of the WPF libraries so it's unlikely that it'll run directly on Ubuntu.

    Mono Compatibility:

    I guess it might be possible to run Wine and install .NET and get it to work that way. If you decide to try it let me know how well it works.
  • In addition to WPF, the Mono analysis tool reports thousands of other incompatibilities in the LINQPad code base. So it's not a simple fix to make it run under Mono.
  • Any chance LINQPad will work under .NET Core in the future? As such it would implicitly be supported in Ubuntu... Correct?
  • With .NET Core, a cross-platform version is possible or even likely in the future. However, Microsoft has no immediate plans to make Windows Forms and WPF x-platform, so we still have that hurdle to cross.
  • What about taking some of the things from vscode and going toward an electron app?
    Note: Willing to help :)
  • Can VSCode (an Electron app) host WPF and WinForms controls? I don't think it can.
  • JoeAlbahari, I thought that the highlight of .NET Core 3 was to support Windows Forms and WPF, at least with Windows-Only Desktop Packs? This would at least allow the editor to run on Windows, but scripts could could run cross platform CLI via LPRun written in .NET Core, correct?

    I wonder what it would take to write/consolidate enough VSCode extensions to make it work on par with LINQPad with C#? I would pay real money as VSCode has become my JavaScript scratchpad of choice lately.
  • there are some projects attempting to provide cross platform GUI support, but whether they are good enough and how much effort it would be to port, I don't know:

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