Db schema prefixing not working for all tables


I have a database in which I have the dbo schema and another schema (x) with its own tables etc.

There are tables under dbo and x with the same names. Some of these tables are available to autocomplete with X_Conflictingname but not all of them.

So I'm looking at a table Sometable under dbo schema but x.Sometable is not visible in the connection tree on the left and I can't access it via X_Sometable from my code either.

The tables under x that does not have conflicting names are available to my linq queries.

I'm a bit confused here. Why some tables are prefixed but others are not? How do I access the missing tables under x that seems to have been overriden with the ones from dbo schema?


  • When a conflict arises, it should prefix the conflicted table name with the schema name. For example, in the AdventureWorks database, the Employee table exists in both the HumanResources and Person schemas, so it presents as HumanResources_Employees and Person_Employees. All other tables have no prefix because there is no conflict. Does this answer your question?
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