Query continuing asynchronously indefinitely on reaching graph limit when using AsyncEnumerable

Using LINQPad beta v5.21.00, I run AsyncEnumerable.Range(1, 1000) and all goes well. When I change that to AsyncEnumerable.Range(1, 10 * 1000) and run again, the output is capped after enumerating 1501 elements (using Results to Rich Text option) and appending a tail reading (limit of graph). However, the query continues to run indefinitely. The status bar at the bottom of the LINQPad window says “Query continuing asynchronously…”. The query has to be cancelled via the stop button or SHIFT+F5. Is this a bug or by design? Using Observable.Range(1, 10 * 1000), the query ends as expected after reaching the graph limit so I'm inclined to believe this is a bug.


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