Auto execution tracking timed out


I'm fairly new to LINQPad and have this problem: When i'm debugging the "Auto execution tracking timed out" occured normally after an Hour or one and a half hours. Nowadays i get this after 10 or maybe 20 mins and can't see on which line the program is and the breakpoints are kinda useless when this happens.

Can anybody help me with this Problem?



  • When that happens, the breakpoints will still work normally. Auto execution tracking is completely separate to the debugger.

    You can also see the execution point manually with Query | Jump to Execution Point.

    The reason for having the timeout is to ensure that auto execution tracking doesn't slow down the query. LINQPad keeps track of the overhead of execution tracking and if it gets too much, it temporarily disables it to avoid a performance hit. Certain kinds of script and machine configurations can make this more likely.
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