I moved a VM to a new host. Linqpad asked me to re-activate


I had a windows 10 virtual machine with an activated license of Linqpad running on one linux host. I moved this vm to another linux machine, and after starting up, Linqpad told me I needed to activate it again. (You can see this in my activated licenses as there are two licenses registered to the same computer name)

I was able to register it successfully, and it isn't a problem right now, but I'm concerned I could use up all of my licenses and transfers if I move this VM around too much more within a single year.

It's for personal use, I'm only running one instance of the VM on a single host at any given time, but I have 3-4 linux computers that I could foreseeably run this VM on. Is this a bug, or some interaction with the VM management software changing something host/network ID related when I copied the VM or started it on a different host?

I guess what I'm asking is, is this expected? Will I have to watch myself to make sure I don't accidentally go over the limits? Or is there some aspect of Linqpad's licensing for VM's that I can keep an eye on to make sure I don't need to go through unnecessary re-activations?


  • Yes, this is expected. You'll need to re-activate if you move the VM between hosts.

    There is a limit of 6 transfers per year, however the transfer count does not keep going up if you cycle between the same machines.

    If you do run out of transfers, contact customer support.
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