FSharp.Core.dll in use by another process?

Hi, I'm using v. 5.10 of LinqPad and I have VS 2017 installed on my system. When I create an F# script in LinqPad, it runs fine until I modify the script. Once I try to run the modified query, I get an error message, "error FS0193: The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\LINQPad5\_sjimyqqq\FSharp.Core.dll' because it is being used by another process."

If I then execute Query | Cancel and Reset all Queries, then I can run the modified query--until I modify the text again. I don't seem to have a similar problem with C#, and I've never seen this problem with F# in LinqPad on other machines. If I look at FSharp.Core in Process Explorer, I see two handles, both belonging to LinqPad.

I've uninstalled, moved to the standalone installs, and tried explicitly specifying a version of FSharp.Core but I'm getting the same response. Any ideas?



  • This appears to be some sort of configuration issue--I installed VS2015 and it's F# tooling and now Linqpad is working again.

  • It appears that LinqPad will make use of the FSharp components if they are found on the system--but is there a way to force it to just use the built-in FSC?

  • No. I guess I could make that an option.
  • No need--I found a way to make everything work. I might be wrong but I think there's a problem with LP and the new vs2017 F# files, where the error I described above is cropping up. I'd be more interested in having that handled than a switch for the built in FSC. Thanks for the consideration.
  • No need to be worry about the core.dl error it caused by your some missing or corrupted files those be present in wrong folders and you don't have an idea so, take the answer and solve the problem
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