Do Aspect Oriented Programming using PostSharp (IL Weaving)

edited March 2017
I was try to run following code in LINQPad as C# Program expecting following output:
pre invocation
This is func
post invocation

I'm able to do it in visual studio but not in LINQPad, what could be the reason ?
void Main() { Test t = new Test(); t.func(); } [Serializable] public class CacheAspect : MethodInterceptionAspect { public override void OnInvoke(MethodInterceptionArgs args) { Console.WriteLine("pre invocation"); base.OnInvoke(args); Console.WriteLine("post invocation"); } } public class Test { [CacheAspect()] public void func() { Console.WriteLine("This is func"); } }


  • It looks like PostSharp relies on some MSBuild magic to invoke an executable to instrument the target assembly after compilation. LINQPad doesn't use MSBuild - it just compiles C# code with references, which means the target assembly won't get specially modified.
  • Thanks Sir, feels great to get response from you.
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