unable to deactivate licenses?

I can list current activations for my LINQPad 5 license at https://www.linqpad.net/licensing/ListActivations.aspx

However, the last column that has historically allowed deactivating certain machines no longer does so AFAICT.

Checking with 'inspect element' it looks like the cells include the link for deactivating, but nothing is in the content of the link, so the link doesn't actually show in the rendered page. I'd imagine it just needs some text like Deactivate Machine or similar?

Here's the content of one of those td cells, for instance:

<a id="grdActivations_ctl05_btnDeactivate" href="javascript:__doPostBack('grdActivations$ctl05$btnDeactivate','')"></a>


  • Hi James. Do you have a multi-user/site license? If so, you'll need to contact customer support for a unique URL that will allow remote deactivation.
  • Ah, that would explain it. Is that By Design? Our 10-user license at work was used on a few machines and VM's that don't exist any longer so I was hoping to clean them up but didn't realize ListActivations wouldn't allow doing so for such licenses.

    FWIW, IMHO it's worth adding some text on the resulting page with the grid of licenses explaining that to deactivating will require contacting support (in the case that the license queried is multi-user/site), and ideally removing the last column from the rendered grid since the empty column that shows up now looks like a bug, IMHO. :smile:

    Unrelated, but awesome to see the C#7 support make it out to stable! v5.22.02 is great! Thanks, Joe!
  • Yes, it's by design. Some companies don't want anyone with an activation code to be able to see or deactivate other machines. In some cases, just seeing the full machine name is a security issue.

    I'll think about adding some text to the page to explain this.
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