Resources in LINQPad?

I would like to define a resource in LINQPad. Like a key/value text string. Where the value is quite long. Is this possible?


  • I can see that I can supply an app.config for the query. Can I supply a path in the app.config and have the file always be associated with the query?
  • Have you tried Util.GetPassword/Util.SetPassword? The password can be as long as you like.
    Util.SetPassword ("myKey", "test".PadRight (1000, '*'));
    Util.GetPassword ("myKey").Dump();
  • The problem is that I am kind of mocking the call and knowing the source it makes a call to specifically get the path to the file via app settings. I have copied the file and the contents to LINQPad5 folder and added an entry for the app setting in LinqPad5.config. So I think I have a workaround. Thank you.
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