NotSupportedException: The method 'Join' is not supported.

I create a little c# expression with a join statement on a CRM database. I received the error:
NotSupportedException: The method 'Join' is not supported.

is this a CRM related error? I get the same error whether it is an expression, statement or program


  • Probably WCF OData related.

    Try using navigation properties if they exist or .AsEnumerable() to retrieve data sets separately and do the join locally.

    The latter will result in a lot more requests, more data being transferred and potentially lack of results due to late filtering and paging.

    Example navigation property:
    from o in Orders
    select new { o.Customer.CompanyName, o.OrderDate }
    Request log:$expand=Customer&$select=Customer/CompanyName,OrderDate
    Example .AsEnumerable():
    from o in Orders.AsEnumerable()
    join c in Customers.AsEnumerable() on o.CustomerID equals c.CustomerID
    select new { o.OrderDate, c.CompanyName }
    Request log:
    (due to max. 200 items fetched per request and no paging, the result is incomplete)
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