Linqpad5 config includes sometimes don't always get copied over

I never have this problem in LINQPad4. In LINQPad5 occasionally I have to run the file more than once, often hitting Ctrl F5 to flush the cache because I get an error that config files in my Includes folder don't get included.

Today I finally went to the temp directory to see what's going on and noticed the config file was missing. I copied it over from the App_Config file which has config sections referenced from LINQPad.config (which appears to have been renamed query_qzszjp.dll.custom in temp dir)

For example, I reference the connectionstring like this

<connectionStrings configSource="App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config" />

Screenshot: temp directory was missing the App_Config folder

Joe, can you fix this please.

Thanks in advance


  • The new beta now copies over files referenced by configSource attributes.

    I don't know why it was working intermittently before - it should never have worked. Is there something else in your application that's creating the App_Config folder?
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