DebuggerDisplay attribute

Is it intentional that LINQPad ignores the DebuggerDisplay attribute? (tested on v5.22.02 Any CPU)

obviously I wouldn't expect it to affect the "Dump" method, but i.e. example (from - if one was to put a breakpoint on mc.Dump(); and a watch on mc, I'd expect the Value in the Watch tab and the Locals tab to show 6 instead of UserQuery+MyClass.


(I'm just adding a cross-link here to, where I know we had a bit of a discussion about how the debugger works, using func-eval, in case others will find it interesting.)


  • This feature has never been implemented. It's quite a lot of work, given the range of expressions that can go into the attribute. It does honor the ToString method, though, if you override that.
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