Issue with SSMS 17

Has anyone else started having an issue with SSMS v17.0 installed alongside LINQPad? I get an error about LINQPad being unable to load the ADALSQL.DLL with a 0x2 error when I am using the AzureDirectoryPassword logins. Logins that use standard SQL User/Pass work just fine.


  • Same here. I tried uninstalling SSMS v17.0 (and v17.1), now I am getting this error every time...
  • To clarify, I have found this to be an issue only with the AnyCPU build on a 64-bit Windows 10 with SSMS V17.0 and SSMS V17.1 installed. If I run the 32-bit version then it doesn't have the issue with the ADALSQL.DLL
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