Keeping the window open...

Hi all, Just discovered LINQPad, great tool. I'm using it as a console into a .NET application, which for the most part works really nicely.

I'd like to have the application window stay open between queries, so I'm doing something like this from LINQPad. Or you can do it from a function within the application, same thing happens.
void Main()
	Form fp = new LinqPadTest.FrontPage();
So the LINQPad program exits and the application window stays open. But then when the next query is issued, the application window closes. It seems the window is disposed during the initiation of the next query, before the debugger gets into the source code of the app.

To add, the application domain stays around in the background so the LINQ query gives the correct answer - but no window. Is there any hope of keeping the window open?

Thanks for any advice, even if it's bad news.



  • Follow-up: fixed, by catching the FormClosing event and cancelling the close. A bit dumb for not thinking of that sooner. Sigh, oh well.

    On the bright side, LINQPad works really well in this application. Thanks to the dev team.
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