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I've created a database using SQL CE 4.0, created my tables and relationships and am now attempting to view them in LinqPAD. Unfortunately, not all relations are showing up and I can't figure out why. For example, normally, if table A has a FK with a column referencing table C, then LinqPAD will show the relation to table C under table A's structure (in the structure pane), and foreign records (from table C) will be accessible via hyper-links in the results pane when selecting table A's records.

Table A actually has FK columns referencing 2 other tables, but only one of them is missing a relation. The same thing happens for another table, table B, and so both A & B are missing the relations to table C. In addition, reverse references from table C back to tables A & B do not appear in table C's structure either. So, it is as if the FK's do not exist at all, yet they do.

I have another table with FK's to 4 other tables, and all of those relations DO show up. So what is causing the relations to not show up for tables A & B? This is a very small database and I use LinqPAD with a much larger database (on SQL Server, not CE) and have never seen this before. I must be missing something, but for the life of me cannot figure out what.

I have tested this on LinqPAD v5.22.02 and v4.57.02, and I get the same results in both.

Any ideas?

I can make the database (.SDF file) available to anyone who wants it.

Thank you,

Dennis Jones


  • Follow-up:

    I tested the same schema on SQL Server and connected to it with LinqPAD and got the same results. So it is not caused by SQL CE.


  • I sort of remember reading somewhere that L2S and/or EF could have trouble with relationships in certain cases, depending on how objects are named.

    Since I had a prefix on some table names but not others, I decided it couldn't hurt to rename the tables so that they all had the same prefix. After renaming, LinqPAD now shows all the relationships (in both directions) as expected!


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