Add ability to highlight simmilar text in the query


Is it possible to add ability to highlight similar text to what is selected? Notepad++ does that and so does VS and it'll be really useful to have that in Linqpad as well. The use of this feature would be to see the usages of certain variable in the document, specially in SQL.



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    LINQPad doesn't do this right now, although you can cycle through matching words with Control+F3 / Shift+Control+F3

    With C#/VB queries, Shift+Control+Up/Down will do the same, but using a symbol match.
  • I think this would extremely helpful. I find myself now copying lengthy code blocks from LINQPad into Visual Studio (in a 24" screen turned portrait) in order to click a certain variable and allow VS to immediately/instantly reveal to me the highlighted matches.

    While Control+F3 does allow you to cycle through matching words, the Instant Highlight feature gives you the ability to immediately see the matches from a "bird's eye view" perspective that your eyes can scan over. You can also then smoothly scroll up or down using the scrollbar to bring other matches into view.

    Bottom line, I find it very useful when scaffolding and organizing logical codes blocks — like laying out loops and function calls — and improving code patterns.
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