Extra query opened when using Find in All Queries/ Samples

This is a minor little bug which has annoyed me for some time, but I could never track down the exact steps to replicate it until now. I noticed it never happened if I went straight to the find option, but only happened when I went looking for a query in a particular folder and then switched to the find option when I could not find it.

So, these are the steps to replicate it

1) Click on and expand a folder in the My Queries section of LinqPad
2) Scroll up or down through the list of queries.
3) Make sure that the first item in that section is a query (as opposed to a folder)
3) Go to Find in All Queries/ Samples and type in the search criteria
4) Press Return to execute the Find All command (Note if you click on the Find All button, the bug does not appear)

What happens then is a new window is opened for your search results and the query which happens to be at the top of the 'My Queries' list is also opened. The unwanted query is to the foreground and you have to close it to get to the search results.

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