ref variable not updated in watch window after a function has modified it

Verified this code works just fine in c#/real debugger, but in Linqpad the value of sTokens never changes, where it should changed to 'def' based on the real code execution.


  • Forgot the code, oops.

    NotificationTask NT = new NotificationTask();

    string sTokens = "#{IFNX~%{value}~def~1~one~2~twoIFNX}#";


    NT.ReplaceAllTokens(ref sTokens,false,false,false,false);

    NT.AddThisToken("value", "1");

    NT.ReplaceAllTokens(ref sTokens, false, false, false, false);

  • Where does this NotificationTask class come from?
  • Does adding the following code to your query make any difference?

    Util.NewProcess = true;
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