Linqpad EF Core 1.1 driver not working with projects using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore* v1.1.2

I have an ef core 1.1.2 project and can't load it into linqpad; I receive a "can't find Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore version error"....when I downgrade my Microsoft.EntityFramework* references in my Visual studio back to 1.1.1 from 1.1.2, I can then reference it from linqpad. Will there be support for this version soon?


  • I also need support for this right away. And support for referencing an assembly that is .NETCoreApp 1.1 which has a EF Core 1.1.2 DbContext in it.

    Any idea on time frame for this?

  • There's a new driver for 1.1.2 - try it and let me know.
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