Blocked website?


I'm trying to run a simple vb program (see below) using LinqPad5 (running as administrator). When the program executes I get an IE popup window saying "Content from this application coming from the website listed below is being blocked by Internet Explorer Security Configuration." The website listed is "about:security_LINQPAD.exe". Why is this occurring and how do I fix it?

Sub Main
End Sub


  • Do you have enhanced security enabled on Internet Explorer?
  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your response. No, enhanced security is off. Why is LinqPAD even trying to access the internet?
  • LINQPad uses an embedded IE browser to display results which are formatted as HTML. Occasionally, a machine is configured to block all sites except those whitelisted. Unfortunately, this also prevents local content from displaying.
  • Add about:security_LINQPad.exe to trusted sites
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