Intellisense doesn't work for Attributes


I was wondering if this is happening for anyone else. It seems that when I try to add an attribute to a property on a class, LINQPad doesn't have intellisense information for the constructor of the attributes. For example, when I add the JsonProperty attribute, I just have to know that the first property is "name" because it doesn't show anything.

This happens even if I hit Ctrl+. to have the auto-complete window appear. The window will show up but doesn't show the constructor to the attribute.
public class Test
	public String Name { get; set; }
I currently see this:

But I would expect to see something like:


  • This functionality hasn't been implemented. I'll look into what's involved in adding it for the next build.
  • The new beta now supports positional constructor arguments with attributes:
  • edited August 4
    Thanks so much for the quick turnaround time!

    Is it possible to make it so that when you hit tab for completion it removes the word Attribute from the class name? Other than that, works perfect! :smiley:
  • This should be fixed in 5.22.11
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