Error using linked servers

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I just tried the linked servers feature for the first time and I get the following error dialog the moment I hit "Pick from list" for linked servers in the "Additional Databases" dialog:


(The error is in German, but I guess the meaning is obvious enough.)

If I enter the linked server manually, the same error appears on the connection as a tooltip.

This is Sql Server 2016 and LinqPad 5.22.02.


  • I don't understand German... is it telling you to run sp_addlinkedserver on SQL Server first? And have you tried doing that?
  • edited July 2017
    I did that, yes. That's why LINQPad can find the server at all (the message came before I even tried to enter the linked server's name manually).

    The message says it's not finding the linked server in "sys.servers", but it does in fact show in "sys.servers" when I look at it from SSMS.

    So apparently LINQPad gets the information about the linked server from somewhere other than "sys.servers" and then can't find it in there for some reason.

    I use the same login credentials in both cases.

    You want me to post the contents of "sys.servers"?

    EDIT: Who's originating the message anyway? ADO.NET?
  • This is the query that's failing:

    select data_source from sys.servers where provider = 'SQLNCLI' and is_linked = 1
  • The statement works when I enter it in SSMS. It returns the IP address of the linked server. The credentials are the same, so I can't see why LINQPad would be failing to do that query.
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