getting the default web browser control for javascript manipulation in C#

is there any way to get the default web browser control in "Results-panel?

I wish to have the default dump-object-to-html feature (dump to specific div), but would like to be able to add / remove certain DIV element with a dumped hyperlinq object.
e.g. all hyperlinq object dump to "buttonPanel"-div, other results dump to "resultPanel"-div, and a hyperlinq action can clear the html in "resultPanel"-div.

Thanks for info and help in advance.


  • It's not possible to access the web browser control because it runs in a different process.

    You might be able to achieve what you want with a DumpContainer and Util.RawHtml:
    var x = new DumpContainer().Dump();
    x.Content = Util.RawHtml ("<b>test</b>");
    x.Content = Util.RawHtml ("<i>test</i>");
  • edited August 2017
    Yes, this thing that you want to do is impossible
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