System.Timeout exception


I`m new to LINQpad and i keep getting System.Timeout exception, anyway to solve that problem?



  • What are you doing to create the exception? Where does it appear?

    (I can't see the image you've posted).
  • Hi Joe,

    I`m using C# 6.0 in a nutshell samples.
  • When does it occur? Is it after trying to run the query? And if so, does it *always* occur when you try and run the query, or one time in two, five, 10, 100?

    And is it only when running samples, or running any query?

    Also, when you hit 'Submit' to report the error, could you please paste the URL of this forum message, so I can connect it.

  • It occurs after trying to run the query, it occurs one in 5-10 times, sometimes more often like every second time, usually when code requires more time to run.

    It happens on any query.

    I submitted the problem with URL.
  • Also it occurs no matter which sample, i sometimes can run same samples sometimes i can`t. So i can still use them, but it`s irritating when you have to run something 10 times before it runs correctly.
  • edited August 2017
    This error occurs when the process that LINQPad starts to run the query fails to respond after 5 seconds. Normally this indicates that the process has crashed, but it can also occur when there's something wrong with the computer or OS and the new process takes too long to spin up. Does your machine generally run slowly and sometimes freeze, or does it perform OK?

    Also, can you try the following:
    * Go to Edit | Preferences > Advanced
    * Under "Execution", change "Run each query in its own process" to false.

    This will tell LINQPad not to use a separate process for each query (the side-effect is that it disables the integrated debugger).
  • Machine performance is ok, looks like the problem is solved with disabling "Run each query..." option.

    Thank you, very much! :smile:
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