Intellisense in LinqPad.

How to make Intellisense work on LinqPad?
I have installed LinqPad 4, but Intellisense is not working.
Can anyone please let me know?


  • Have you purchased the autocompletion license?
  • I have licensed LinqPad installed in my machine but intelligence is not working in that. I tried in another machine and it is working fine with my credentials but in my machine its not working.

    Please let me know how to fix this and what might the reason for it?
  • I have the same issue with LinqPad 5. Got a license, but intellisense not working.
  • When you start LINQPad, does it say 'Licensed to..." in the top right?
  • Hello, I have licensed LinqPad 4.58 but intelligence is not working. What else should I set?
  • When you start LINQPad, does it say 'Licensed to..." in the top right?
  • yes, it does.
  • which language are you trying to get intellisense for?
  • LINQPad 4.x doesn't provide Intellisense for VB. That functionality relies on the Roslyn libraries, which are part of LINQPad 5. LINQPad 4.x is 3 years old. You can upgrade here:
  • ok, thank you
  • edited April 2018
    I'm having the same problem. Running Windows 10, Using Linqpad 5, top right corner shows "Licensed to... the company I work for" and no intellisense/autocomplete.
  • @LinkBoy you are also writing in VB? do you get intellisense for C#?
  • @kingkeith Thank you for getting back with me so promptly and sorry for my delay in responding (I'm working part time as an intern and going to school full-time). I'm able to write in SQL, but I'd like to be able to have intellisense for C#.
  • What happens when you set the language to "C# Expression" and type something simple like:


    Does it show members of the int type after hitting the period?
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