ValueTuple name display?

edited August 2017
Hey Joe,
At the risk of making your head too big. Linqpad is awesome, and I have been a big fan for years.

With that out of the way, I am wondering if you see a way to implement dumping of the user-assigned ValueTuple names when assigned? And if you think you might add support?

I have only looked into this for five minutes, but it looks like some compilers emit attributes that would allow you to enhance .Dump() to display this information. Of course, I am not certain and don't know the difficulty to do so.

Well, I would be interested to know if you think it is possible and you are considering using the user-assigned names as some point? [ search for TupleElementNames in page ]



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    The TupleElementNames attribute isn't helpful because it's not attached to variables (only method/property signatures).

    Unfortunately, there's no other way to do this, other than perhaps doing some analysis on the source code - and even this would only work in simple cases.
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