How to name a connection using -cxname for file based databases like Access


I use LPRun.exe to access the LINQPad query. To choose the database I use -cxname=. This works well for databases like SQL Server.

If I want to use Access I get the error message about a wrong connection name. How do I have to name the Access connection. I thought just the filename so LINQPad can find the right connection string.

I tried: '-cxname=localhost.d:\hoData\Projects\00Current\Work.Software.eap'. The full path of the assecc db

The connection exists and in fact is the current connection of the *.linq file. I can see the connection xml parameters.

Thanks in advance,



  • Right-click the connection and choose 'Rename'.
  • Thanks Joe,

    I don't want to rename it. I just want to estimate the default LINQPad value. I have a connection string and I want to guess the name. Rename, SQL Server works fine.

    Only: How can I guess the name for cxname from the connection paramater?

  • The LPRun.exe -cxname=' ' parameter is exactly as it shows in the LINQPad connections. It is possible to rename it as Joe stated it.
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