Weird behaviour on intellisense suggestions selection

I'm using the beta 5.24.00 and I'm noticing a strange behaviour when I select a voice from the suggestion list.
(C# program in this case)

For example, if I write "String." it appears the list of the possible methods to select, now I've two scenarios:
- If I write at least the first letter of the method I want to select, for example "C", then I hit enter, I obtain a "String.Compare" with the caret focusing just AFTER the word Compare. So everything ok.
- If I just move with the arrow and choose a method from the list without writing any letter of the method I want to select (again, the same Compare as before) and I hit enter it wrote "String.Compare", but the caret is focusing BEFORE the word Compare, just after the "."

This second case is different from the behaviour in VS and is really annoying as it forces me to manually move after the word to resume writing.


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