RichText default nesting levels

Please consider adding a user preferences for specifying a default nesting expansion value. Currently when using RichText the system expands the entire hierarchy and I find myself immediately collapsing this to 1 level.

I know that we can include an integer arg in Dump( ) but when I do that the text renders differently (try it, specify Dump(1) and then specify Dump( ) then manually set the result to 1 - the output differs, not huge but frustrating).

Also when I click "Format ⇩" it implies that nesting level can be set in user preferences but it can't.

If this can be made a preference it would be great, I'm trying to get LINQPad established as a tool for non-dev staff when accessing various external web services and this kind of thing can be a huge help.


  • I presume you're aware of the hotkeys? (Alt+1, Alt+2, etc)

    Also, is it just particular type(s) that are a problem?
  • edited December 2017
    At australian open cup event I had the same problem. I think you should try to use hotkeys. They are very useful
  • When I run queries returning non-trivial nested sequences it displays the results fully expanded this floods the user with a lot of data and can take processing time.

    Rather than defaulting to fully expanded I simply want to control that default setting so that the results can be more friendly.

    Of course I can collapse the results once their retrieved but it would be a nicer experience if they were fully collapsed initially, sometimes.
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