Where can I find more information when LINQPad displays "Error running query"?

A query in LINQPad returns what I think is a complete result set, yet the label shown below the results window reads "Error running query (n.nnn seconds)". Other queries return "Query successful". Where can I find information about the error in question?


  • Can you post the query?
  • I also get this quite often running migration stuff on dbs.

    But inconsistent, sometimes if I re-run the exact same query I don't get it (even tho it takes the same amount of time).

    This has had me worried aswell. Things seem to execute the way they are intended but sometimes I get "Error running query (n.nnn seconds)"

    Any way to see more information?
  • Take a look in %localappdata%\linqpad\logs\log.txt. Is there anything recorded there?
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