Comment Shortcut not working

Version 5.25 licensed version

When trying to do the shortcut of Ctrl-K, C or Ctrl-K, U my code doesn't comment or uncomment itself.

I know I'm pushing the correct keys as it works fine in visual studio. I have also look at the menu in Edit -> Advanced for Comment Section and Uncomment section to see the keybinding as well.

I don't believe this issue used to exist before either as i remember it working.


  • How many lines of code is your query, and what is the .linq file size?
  • edited November 2017
    Hey Joe, Sorry for the late reply. I ended up getting swapped and forgot about this post until now. Everything appears to be in working order now. I cant remember the file I was working on, but if memory serves me correct it was happening in each file.

    If it happens again I will gather that data for you and repost in this thread
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